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Responsive Web Design the New Face of Internet-experience

Responsive Web Design - The New Face of Internet Experience

With the growing usage of android phones and tablets, the internet experience for the web users have changed grossly. Two decades from now, you could hardly think of enjoying web browsing on your mobile phone. But now with upgraded Smartphone versions, there's no limit to what how much you can improvise on your quality of life. You must be thinking why even talk about mobile phones and Internet. Everyone knows that modern androids and mobile phones support Internet browsing. The real story starts here as the factor of internet browsing on various devices other than computers have made it all the more imperative for the website owners to create websites that can be viewed easily in any device with varying screen size and resolution.

This is where Responsive Web Design surfaces as a powerful solution and if you are not a party to this new think tank trend, then you are surely missing a huge chunk of potential clients and visitors who are probably browsing through your competitor sites, simply because its accessible on their smartphone devices. A raving trend this season is Responsive Web Designing, streamlining the experience of Internet surfing for both mobile users and desktop or laptop users. This kind of website designing is advanced to the extent that it gives you a soothing and pleasing experience of viewing websites even in smaller screens. The websites sheltered by the phenomenon of this modern web designing pattern have the added edge of offering a highly user friendly experience to the target audiences.

Latest statistics shows that apparently more than 30% of the websites are designed in sync with Responsive Web Design trends and styles. Going through a few web viewer reviews you will also learn that approximately 40% or more web users complain of websites that would not open in their devices. Now if you are a website owner or a website designer, you will surely know that a majority of people would simply opt out of a page on their mobile phones if it takes anything more than 3 seconds for loading.

If these reasons are not satisfying for you then there are more facts that will surely grab your attention. Firstly, Google suggests responsive web designing. Currently Google supports this as the best Web designing practice, especially, if you are optimizing your website for Smartphone devices. Secondly, this is more pocket friendly solution for the businesses with a stiffened budgetary condition. With Responsive Web Design, you can have just one version for your website and it's applicable for all devices. This kind of website designing is capable of reducing the bounce rate and increasing the inflow of potential traffic that can be successfully transcended to sales leads.

Lastly, a whooping huge number of people use their mobile phones to browse the internet. In short, if you want to reach out to the bulk of the audiences online, Responsive Web Design is the way to go.

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